*A product of Ateneo College of Law, Atty Jose Malvar Villegas Jr.,                             

*President of St. Tomas Moore Debating and Oratorical Society. After graduation from law school

*He became a City Councilor in Quezon City and joined the JOSE DIOKNO LAW OFFICE as an assistant Lawyer, after which served as

*The youngest political officer of late president DIOSDADO MACAPAGAL, and figured

prominently as the lawyer  of Constitutional Convention (ConCon) Delegate EDUARDO QUINTERO.

*A staunch supporter and defender of  Labor being the President of Lapiang Mangagawa (LM).

*Championed the cause of  Overseas Filipino Workers(OFW) as Chairman of the Workers Consultative Body on Overseas Employment.

*Chairman of the Coconut Conservation Alliance to have led the fight for recovery of the

  Coco-Levy Fund on behalf of the Coconut Farmers and Producers.

*He was a TV host of the famous public service TV Police Hour.

CCW History


ATTY JOSE MIGUEL MALVAR VILLEGAS, JR.                                


As a modest community initiative, Citizens Crime Watch is a private, non sectarian, non profit organization,  created as defender-community collaborations to improve public safety, government accountability and reduce the number of victims, are consistent with those of law enforcement  agencies in providing information about crime prevention and the justice system to the community.


This program creates an alliance of citizens working with all coordinating government agencies  to address the growing crime problem in the community. Through Citizens Crime Watch, citizens are educated in areas such as personal protection, home security, all kinds of crime reporting,   environmental education, micro-economic, human and peace development programs.

Its programs are all designed to encourage citizens to band together to fight crime, indulge in socio-civic actions, environmental initiatives, cultural promotion, anti-drug abuse campaigns and many more bringing change in their respective neighborhoods throughout the community. Citizens' Crime Watch still proves to be a more than a viable crime prevention program that is instrumental in promoting police/community relations.

Moreover, some of these community based programs involves citizens more than patrolling their community, assisting all law enforcement agencies such as Philippine National Police, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and other pertinent agencies in detecting, preventing crime but rather mobilize volunteers annually on work projects assisting host communities through volunteer service, direct project funding and child sponsorships.The opportunity for human and economic development generates hope. And where there is hope, there can be peace.

It was founded on July 12, 1993 by Atty. Jose Malvar Villegas Jr., former Director/Vice Chairman of the Bases Conversion Development Authority and grandson of National Hero General Miguel Malvar, the last General to surrender during the Philippine American War and 2nd President of the Revolutionary Philippine Republic. Those who composed the CCW Organization Committee were:

a. Former Executive Secretary EDILMIRO AMANTE,

b. Former speaker of the House Senior Consultant LYNNETH LOPEZ G. SALAZAR(Grandneice of National Hero Graciano Lopez Jaena),

c. Former Transport Cooperative Administrator RAD MANICAD,

d. Former Tribal Communities Secretary JOSE B. LOPEZ, 

e. Former Secretary SANCHEZ ALI,

f. Former Labor Secretary, the late ISRAEL BOCOBO,

g. Former Tourism Secretary EDUARDO PILAPIL,

h. Former Presidential Assistant TITONG IMPERIAL

g. Former Air Transport Office Administrator, the late PANFILO VILLARUEL

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